Crash on conquest map or battle victory

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Crash on conquest map or battle victory

Postby tabasco » 07 September 2015, 17:58

Hi, i played the game yesterday about 9 hours and it crashed about 8-10 times. Two time it crashed on the conquest map after i won the battle. Very often it crashed after the victory animation. It crashes after the first tuturial too and in the conquest tutorial.
My video drivers and windows 7 64 are up to date.

My system:
AMD Phenom 2 x4 695
8GB Ram
AMD Radeon HD 5870 2GB (latest driver)
VDSL 50 MBit
Windows 7 64 (latest updates)

I play on highest settings exept v-sync off on 1920x1080.

I can play Dota2, Witcher 2, City Skylines, TES5 Skyrim and other games without problems but this games just keeps crashing.
The worst thing is on conquest in iron man mode. Every time if the game crash, it counts as an lost game and i lose every platen because of this bug.

How can i fix it? Is there any bugfix or something? It would be very cool if you could help me somehow.
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Re: Crash on conquest map or battle victory

Postby Guttie0 » 03 January 2016, 18:35

Did they ever fox this? .
I just bought the game on steam and it keeps crashing when i finish the first mission.

On the stream forums dev says"working on it" but that was March 2015.

Stream also won't give me a refund.
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