Goodbye Freki!

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Goodbye Freki!

Postby Freki » 08 August 2014, 15:23

Hi All!

After almost 3 years at Focus Home, I've decided to fly away for new adventures. It was a pleasure to work for you even if the game is not released yet :)

Don't panic, you are in safe hands with Epy and Neitsabes. I invite you to contact them from now because I won't be able to answer you after Thursday 13th of August.

Each community is different but I like all gamers communities! So, I wish you happiness, success in all your projects and lot of fun in all your games.

Thank you and I hope you will enjoy the upcoming Etherium. For what I've seen, it's really interesting!!!
Focus Team
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Re: Goodbye Freki!

Postby Lu_Xun_17 » 28 August 2014, 18:32

Hi Freki, too bad you have to leave the ship so close to the release date.
I hope you'll keep an eye on it! Even if i don't know you, i wish you all the best for the future! ^^

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Re: Goodbye Freki!

Postby Justicius » 28 August 2014, 18:36

Oh Freki, je suis désolé de ton départ, tu as fais un sacré travail sur Wargame, bonne chance pour la suite !
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Re: Goodbye Freki!

Postby Xorgacz » 28 August 2014, 23:51

Farewell, wishing the best in ur life mate.
Faith and actions are eternal!
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Re: Goodbye Freki!

Postby Cabal^ » 29 August 2014, 05:35

Never got a chance to say hi Freki :), have a great new adventure :)
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Re: Goodbye Freki!

Postby McNash » 13 September 2014, 09:46

Freki no :< We will miss you.
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