Favorite RTS's

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Favorite RTS's

Postby EagleFire » 07 September 2014, 19:44

So what's everyone's favorite RTS or style of RTS?

2 of my favorite RTS games have a style that hasn't been done in years. MechCommander and Ground Control. Getting one group of units and having to make the absolute best of it adds a layer of tenseness that I loved. As well as having the ability to customize your units to try and counter whatever you may encounter, even more so for MechCommander.

Another early RTS that I loved was Metal Fatigue. Having to keep track of 3 different battlefields at once could get overwhelming at times, but when you could tunnel under ground undetected and pop up in the middle of the enemy base made for great raiding. Plus it had one of my favorite features that the others had which is the ability to customize your units and even steal parts off of enemy units to use for yourself.

C&C Tiberian Sun: Firestorm is probably one of my favorites of all the C&C series. I don't really have that much to say about it since it's one of the most popular series out there.

Earth 2160 is another favorite of mine. Each faction has their own building style with their own strengths and weaknesses. It also has an expansive unit customization ability. I have been meaning to play the earlier games in the series. I've always felt that Earth 2160 was very underrated here in the US as the amount of people playing it was always fairly small and it died off fairly quickly.

The last RTS I had is Supreme Commander which has an amazing sense of scale. There wasn't too much different in the factions units other than their super units. It is one of the few RTS's that had naval units though.
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Re: Favorite RTS's

Postby TaShadan » 07 September 2014, 20:21

I like fast paced games, therefore my most favorite game is Starcraft Broodwar. I also like Total Annihilation Zero and the Warcraft games.
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Warcraft 2.5
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Total Annihilation Conversion with improved graphics, controls and an additional faction.
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Re: Favorite RTS's

Postby masterofroflness » 07 September 2014, 21:59

I can`t nail one specific RTS but I think the best one for me would be Universe at War due to its sheer potential
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Re: Favorite RTS's

Postby bliss » 08 September 2014, 02:25

I think Supreme commander forged alliance is still the top rts , yet to be surpassed in many aspects

I also loved WH40'000 Dawn of war , C&C 3 and Men of war Assault squad.
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Re: Favorite RTS's

Postby Eomer » 08 September 2014, 17:34

C&C Tiberian Sun was one of the best 8-)
But it's hard to choose only one game, they are different. I loved Warzone 2100, Age of Empire 2 and currently, Wargame franchise do a great job... and it's not for the same reasons
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Re: Favorite RTS's

Postby 0positivo » 09 September 2014, 15:48

I don't actually like RTS, to be fair. I suck at multitasking. The only ones i got to enjoy were Dawn of War 2 (because it was more tactical than strategy, and because a weird bug made it run at half speed, thus making it so much more enjoyable for me), Nexus the Jupiten incident (once again, tactical) and the Homeworld franchise (because of the incredible story)
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Re: Favorite RTS's

Postby CDR-RAGE » 09 September 2014, 23:44

my fav's are Warhammer 40k down of war, supreme commander 2 and halo wars.

you like rts games that give you limited units right, so you should try out warhammer 40k down of war 2 series
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Re: Favorite RTS's

Postby Dostya » 10 September 2014, 19:33

supcom fa no brain question.
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Re: Favorite RTS's

Postby McNash » 13 September 2014, 09:45

Right now Wargame is my top favourite RTS, although Etherium is becoming a serious contender.
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Re: Favorite RTS's

Postby NEO » 15 September 2014, 14:15

My list:
  • Sins of a Solar Empire Rebellion
  • Supreme Commander Forged Alliance
  • C&C Red Alert 3
  • Warcraft III
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