[US] Greeting from USA

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[US] Greeting from USA

Postby manu » 09 August 2014, 20:48

Looking forward your game !!
It looks really nice !
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Re: [US] Greeting from USA

Postby Neitsabes » 13 August 2014, 11:25

Hi Manu,

We are very happy to welcoming you here! We can't wait to get your feelings about the game when it will be released :).

Focus Team.
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Re: [US] Greeting from USA

Postby Mango » 16 August 2014, 19:23

Also very EXCITED!
Hope to be apart of the beta!
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Re: [US] Greeting from USA

Postby Sputnik » 14 September 2014, 13:27

Hi Folks,
I am here for a small request: Is any native english/american speaker willing to help me out for a small etherium community project? I would be happy to find someone who will spend a few minutes for me.

Just send me a private message if you interested, thanks! ;)
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