What would be great in Etherium.

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What would be great in Etherium.

Postby GoD_OF_WaR » 28 August 2014, 20:57

Maps will be as large as countries, like servers will be continuously as if it was one of those mmorpg, a player could rule the whole country at once and when a new player enters they will start on a random place in the country(map) with small number of minor units and buildings as if the new player was an outlaw group or rebels. In a map there will be more 20+ payers and if a player leaves then their faction will enter into a defensive AI state, and there will be long-range artillery and when I mean long-range i mean a shot that could hit a unit half-a-map away, the artillery don't need to be very powerful but will be strong enough to un-shielded units pinned down, and a thing like a shot could unintentionally hit a flying unit mid-air. If you have any ideas like mine share with us :D
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Re: What would be great in Etherium.

Postby Ekkotron » 01 September 2014, 12:42

i personally hoping for a great 2v2 mode
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Re: What would be great in Etherium.

Postby Hybrid21 » 01 September 2014, 12:44

I want to see big maps but not as big as you are describing. I want to see death match maps where there is a little spot where you can move land units and that is it unless you use transports in which you must move your land units along the narrow defile while being under fire from defences, naval, air and land. It would make the game very interesting
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