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Join the Etherium Beta!

Postby Epy » 18 August 2014, 15:56


We plan to launch a closed beta phase during the week of the 18th of August, and are looking for dedicated RTS players who can send us constructive feedback and report bugs. The goal is to gather as much information as we can about the game’s mechanics, its feeling, bugs to squash, etc. This is a serious phase before the game launch.

Here’s how the process will unfold:

• People must be familiar with RTS video games, and interested in sending us as much feedback as they can about their feeling, bugs found, etc;
• Applicants must register on the official forum of Etherium;
• Then, they’ll have to apply here: ;
• Selected applicants will be informed by mail if they are chosen, depending on remaining free slots.
• They will need to fill in a questionnaire form at the end of the beta. They are highly invited to share their feedback on the private Beta section of the forum of Etherium;
The beta will be subject to NDA: No screenshots, videos, or live stream should be disclosed outside of the participants, nor talking about what they will see in this beta. Participants are invited however to discuss as much as they can together on the private Beta section of the official forum.

Please, let me know if you need any other information about the process.

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Re: Join the Etherium Beta!

Postby Selkares » 18 August 2014, 18:12

Registered ;)
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Re: Join the Etherium Beta!

Postby Xorgacz » 18 August 2014, 19:12

any expected date for the beta to start?
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Re: Join the Etherium Beta!

Postby dezachu » 18 August 2014, 20:05

Registered :) Uncovered your game today via the Grey Goo page. That, along with Act of Aggression and yourselves of course, provides a very exciting trio of games.
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Re: Join the Etherium Beta!

Postby BlessPL » 18 August 2014, 20:07

Registered, also welcome everybody, glad to be here :D
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Re: Join the Etherium Beta!

Postby DrunkenBeat » 18 August 2014, 20:09

Registriert und bereit zum zocken ! (:
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Re: Join the Etherium Beta!

Postby Stene » 18 August 2014, 20:34

When Will one get to know IF one got to join the BETA or not?

Any news otherwise on when more pics or Gameplay Footage will come out?
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Re: Join the Etherium Beta!

Postby Dark_Ansem » 18 August 2014, 20:41

Registered \ Registrato
Hello everyone!
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Re: Join the Etherium Beta!

Postby notalkingplz » 18 August 2014, 20:42

Wondering why system info isn't required to sign up for beta. Doesn't hurt to gather more info
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Re: Join the Etherium Beta!

Postby mohilaka » 18 August 2014, 20:50

I am registered from 15 august thanks to gamereplays: ... _id=950929
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