Update 1.0.9083 - Changelog

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Update 1.0.9083 - Changelog

Postby Epy » 27 March 2015, 22:58

Hello everyone,

You’ll find below the changelog of the 1st Etherium patch!

The dev team is still hard at work to keep improving your game experience, so do not hesitate to report any issue on the forums or the Steam hub.

We are already working on the next patch that will add over 1080p resolution support and continue to improve game stability.

See you on the battlefield!


- Improved: stability during a game
- Fixed: an issue with QWERTY keyboards, the mapping should be right by default now.
- Fixed: air-drop ships that could be invisible with some units
- Fixed an issue when changing the game’s resolution (should prevent stability issues when using FRAPS)
- Fixed: An issue with the secondary factions that would stop to attack the opponents army when their control center was destroyed
- Various fixes on the lobby screen
- Fixed: For screens with a native resolution of 1440x900 game now uses the right resolution by default
- Fixed: Some issues with secondary factions rally
- Fixed: Some issues with turrets selection
- Fixed: Turrets attributes are now correctly updated when losing their territory’s supply.
- Improved: Turrets range’s FX
- Fixed: issues when converting an extension while selling it
- Fixed: issues with Intar’s infantries animations in the lowest graphical settings
- Fixed: an issue with volcanic eruptions FXs on the client side (Pilo maps)
- Fixed: an issue with Intar’s teleportation FX and sound FX on the client side
- Fixed: a shadow issue with the « parasite » faction
- Fixed: a rare issue on the score screen if 2 players lose their control centers at the same time
- Fixed: a rare issue allowing the player to own 2 control centers on the same map
- Fixed: a rare issue with Intar’s teleportation

- Optimized: management of FXs for the shots impacts
- Optimized: pathfinding calculations
- Optimized: AI calculations
- Optimized: Deploying of airdrops
- Optimized: Various UI optimization

- Various netcode improvements
- Various fixes to improve ranked matchmaking
- Various fixes to improve the multiplayer lobbies
- Added: Feedback when a player leaves the game or the lobby

- Fixed: Issues in the Lobby menu
- Fixed: Minor graphical glitch on the Settings menu
- Fixed: update of control groups on the secondary factions UI
- Fixed: A.I. names using server’s localization instead of players localization in a 2v2 Lobby

- Fixed: Cases when the IA could still build turrets on lost territories.
- Improved: AI behavior when building turrets

Conquest Mode:
- Fixed: It’s now possible to open the pause menu during AI’s turn
- Fixed: A rare issue allowing the player to finish the conquest mode before the last turn with less than 12 victory points
- Fixed: When hatching, an Etherium egg will also disappear from the mini map
- Added: There is now an alert when an Etherium egg is laid or hatched in a game during campaign

- The game now features a special setting for players using 32bits systems to improve stability.

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