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Postby domukashero » 08 September 2014, 17:44

i got accepted to the beta but where do i download and play the game?
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Re: Beta

Postby Epy » 08 September 2014, 18:12

Hi Domukashero,

To download the game you need to use Steam and a steam account.

If you don't have steam, you will need to download it, create an account, activate the game and download the game to play.

To do so, please follow these steps:
  1. To download steam:
  2. Go on steam:
  3. Click on "Install Steam" (Top right of the page)
  4. Follow their instruction

To create a steam account:
  1. Go on steam:
  2. Click on connexion (Top right of the page)
  3. Click on "Join Steam"
  4. Follow their instruction

When you've got steam and a steam account, to activate and play Etherium please follow these steps:
  1. Launch Steam
  2. Click on "Add a Game..." (Bottom left on steam)
  3. Click on "Activate a Steam Product"
  4. Follow their instruction
  5. Enter your beta key when they asked it
  6. Download the game and play!

I hope it helped you, Enjoy the game and give us your feedbacks on the beta sub-forum.

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Re: Beta

Postby GoD_OF_WaR » 02 October 2014, 14:20

I enter the the beta code then it says the product is in your library press next to install but there is only the Finish button pls help
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Re: Beta

Postby NEO » 02 October 2014, 14:41

Beta is completed. Wait for release October 10, should be. :)
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Re: Beta

Postby Cabal^ » 03 October 2014, 03:46

The test beta was only a 1 day test.
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Re: Beta

Postby mohilaka » 04 October 2014, 08:00

Cabal^ wrote:The test beta was only a 1 day test.

it was two weeks ! Not just one day!
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